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Meet Alida; Biomagnetism Pair Therapy, Herbalist,Touch to Heal therapist and a maker of amazing natural goodies. 



From Alida herself



Alida comes from a long lineage of Peruvian herbalists.


She is certified in magnetic pair therapy, herbalism, and energy kinesiology. She integrates these practices with her own ancestral intuition to guide clients in their personal transformation processes.


In a biomagnetic session, Alida uses muscle testing to reveal deeper information pertaining to the root causes of health issues. She utilizes magnetic energy to balance Ph, clearing the body of pathogens, viruses, and bacteria.


In an energy kinesiology session, Alida examines the energy pathways of a client to remove obstacles and improve organ function. With these techniques, Alida can assist in finding the root causes of a client’s physical, emotional, or spiritual health conditions.

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