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Meet Penelope; Intuitive, Reiki and Gai energy healer

From Penelope herself


"I am a certified Reiki/Gaia Energy Healer and Intuitive of 8 years, with a passion for bringing healing and solace into the lives of everyone I meet. Through being an avid Hiker, Nature Photographer and Naturalist I have gained the strong connection and bond to Mother Earth needed to channel Gaia’s amazing healing energies into everything I do."

When I finally listened to how the universe was pushing me and started my search for healers to add to the family, I found Penelope. Let me tell you that she is an incredibly gifted healer who doesn't give herself even a tiny portion of the credit she deserves. 

She has been with me since the start of my expansion and I know she will be with me at the end of it as well. I can not wait to see her grow as a healer, she is a true power house. 

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