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Meet Crystal; Marconics Practitioner,
Tai Chi and Yoga instructor 


Crystal is a seeker of knowledge, experienced and certified in Tai Chi, Chi gong  and Yoga.


She fell in love with Marconics energy healing and realized the impact it can have on  improving your physical and mental well-being.


"It has improved all aspects of my life for the better and I enjoy sharing it with you so you can experience the same benefits!"- Crystal




I met Crystal on probably one of the worst days I could of met her. I was recovering from a cold and had some personal things going on. I was in fact a complete and total hot mess, but she stuck through the admittedly forgotten meeting acting like I had my shit together! She is a self proclaimed over-the-top minimalist but loves all the crazy fun things. She is a busy wife, mom and grandmother who also m manages a dental office.

Crystal is also available for 1:1 yoga clients and private small group classes. 

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