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Meet Cassie; Buti Instructor


From Cassie herself!


"Hey! My name is Cassie. I have been a fitness instructor for about 5 years.


Becoming an instructor sparked my passion for wellness. I discovered the extraordinary connection between the mind and body and dedicate my classes to the well being of the entire body.


I have a background in dance and love bringing that into my classes. When I’m not instructing, I am spending time with my family. I’m a Mom of 2 and married to my best friend. I have a passion for cooking and I can be found in the kitchen most of the time. I’m so thrilled to be continuing my journey and to be a part of the SC Wellness family." - Cassie



I first met Cassie at orientation for our daughters first year of preschool, and it was holistic "hippy" stuff that got us talking!!! Addison and Emma each wore amber necklaces and still do. I saw she was teaching Buti and I was always intriged  by her posts and videos. If you dont really know me then let me tell you that because I am an empath, healer, intuitive and all of those other things I REALLY like to stay in my little cocoon at home unless I HAVE to be out! When I am in crowds or with people all the time I get very very drained. My body is constantly sending out clearing energy to everyone around me. I am more inclined if its an outdoor thing, just saying. 

Anyways, even though I still have not been able to take one of her classes myself because of schedules I knew I wanted her in our family. I promise that you will never meet a sweeter person than cassie. Her momma and sister are pretty freakin awesome and come to almost all of her classes! How awesome. 

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