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Meet Theo; Stretch Therapist, Corrective Specialist, Personal Trainer 


Theo has always wanted to have a career that gave back and was rewarding.


Prior to opening up and running his own Stretching Clinic; Trinity, Theo was a Pre-School teacher for five years. However, he still felt something was missing… he was wanting more. (I can attest that he is freaking awesome with children and probably given the choice, my daughter would pick hanging out with Them over me) 


Being an individual who loved staying active himself with sports such as, Volleyball, Boxing, Gymnastics and many different styles of Dance, even navigating his way through a weight room. Theo decided to take those passions and turned them into his career as a Personal Trainer.


Through it all , his training, sustaining an injury, coaching athletes he still wanted more. This led him to training under someone within the Mobility field of practice. After a year of Education and Training geared towards Stretching and Flexibility Theo branched off, opening up his own Studio and wanting to share not only his talent for stretching along with mobility but his knowledge to educate others as well.

You can usually find Theo in the classroom space inside the center! 

To book directly with Theo

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